Blair Allan

MPA in Public & Nonprofit Management & Policy

Blair Allan

Please describe why you chose NYU Wagner for graduate school?

The main thing that drew me to NYU Wagner was its emphasis on public service and the idea of becoming a public servant. That journey stood out to me when I looked at the program at Wagner. I feel that it gave me the best global opportunities and allowed me to gain international insight and hear various perspectives on pressing global issues. In addition, Wagner provided me with the tools I needed to succeed after I graduated, such as understanding the politics of international development and strengthening my knowledge on global governance systems.

Please describe how your experiences at NYU Wagner prepared you for your career?

I have had a number of experiences at NYU Wagner that employers are still impressed by to this day. At Wagner, I was able to work in Tanzania for my capstone project focusing on gender mainstreaming and in Belgium for a summer internship on child rights and protection. Having these real world global opportunities set NYU apart. In addition, I was also able to study at NYU’s global campuses, taking courses internationally that prepared me for my career. These incredible opportunities provided invaluable experiences and allowed me to fully understand global public service.

Can you tell us a bit about your job responsibilities?

I currently work and live in Saudi Arabia as an Education Policy Manager for NEOM, a new city being built in the region using smart city technologies. In my capacity as the Education Policy Manager, I oversee the support staff team and help drive the creation of NEOM’s schools, focusing on it’s policies and regulations, as well as administration and logistics. I also manage the communications and admissions processes for the school, which has been a truly rewarding role.