Brian Harvey

MPA in Health Policy & Management - 2015

Quality & Patient Safety Specialist
Niagara Health
Brian Harvey

Why did you choose Wagner for graduate school?

Working in the health field, I became acutely aware of the systemic challenges facing modern healthcare. In Canada, we face significant access pressures related to chronic illness and demographic trends. But as the health statistics show, these access challenges are shared around the world and stand only to worsen over time. Charged with this perspective, I applied to NYU Wagner to acquire skill in evaluating and implementing evidence-based practices to improve health care quality and efficiency.

The reason I chose Wagner, specifically, was twofold. First, it offered such an innovative health policy and management program (ranked 2nd in the U.S.) that crossed traditional boundaries of health policy, management, and finance to tackle intractable health challenges. Secondly, I knew being based in New York City, with a highly diverse population and some of the leading hospitals in the world, would offer unparalleled experiences to achieve advancements in the health field.

How did being in New York impact your professional journey?

I had a rich opportunity to explore career opportunities in healthcare by networking with highly intelligent and accomplished health leaders. Through this collaboration, I determined that the field of quality and patient safety could bring about positive change and address systemic challenges facing healthcare. I knew instantly this is how I could make an impact in healthcare and where I wanted to grow my career. I also had the opportunity to gain practical experience in quality improvement by a) developing a process and business model for the Dept. of Orthopedics at Montefiore Health System for my final capstone project, and by b) learning about Mount Sinai’s award-winning approach to change management and project management during an internship. By learning about this approach, I was able to gain specialized knowledge of what it takes to achieve system-wide transformation.

Describe your current job.

I work as a Quality & Patient Safety Specialist for Niagara Health in Ontario, Canada, where I provide leadership and support in the implementation, maintenance, and integration of quality improvement and patient safety processes at five hospital sites. During my time at NH, I have assisted in the growth and development of Emergency, Surgery, and Complex Care programs.

In June 2017, I’m pleased to say one of the safety initiatives I worked on, to help prevent one of the most common complications of hospitalization, won the 2017 National Award for Excellence in Patient Safety from the Canadian College of Health Leaders (CCHL):