Dan Suraci

Master of Urban Planning
- 2013

Urban Cycling Solutions

Why did you choose NYU Wagner for graduate school?

NYU Wagner was my only choice for grad school. I liked the mission and the policy-focused approach. I also wanted to be in Manhattan with a diverse, multidisciplinary crowd. At the end of the day, it just felt right! 

How did being in New York City impact your professional journey?

If you are going to test big ideas, there's nowhere better than the most dynamic, complex and challenging urban environment on the planet. I love NYC for so many reasons, most appropriately because it is one of few places where I can truly exist without a car. I never plan on leaving.  

What impact do you hope to make through your career and/or organization? 

The transportation landscape is changing faster than ever before, and it is critical to educate communities about the opportunities, benefits and obstacles of the new mobility paradigm (scooters, TNCs, dockless bikeshare, integration apps, shared mobility, etc.). I want to continue encouraging communities to embrace and empower active transportation systems as a fundamental piece of an integrated transportation network. I want to educate communities on the dynamic benefits of bicycling and work with them to realize simple solutions to transform the way people move.