Daniel Manitsky

MPA in Public & Nonprofit Management & Policy

Daniel Manitsky

Why did you choose Wagner for graduate school?

Wagner offered a great mix of classes focused on the "doing" of public sector work. While it offered a rigorous academic orientation, it was always focused on turning knowledge into action. It was not focused on building my skills so that I could study what others have done, but instead, building the skills I needed to generate impact outside of the classroom, in the workplace, in the field, in communities.

How did your Wagner experience prepare you professionally for what you are doing today?

Wagner really helped me become a better, and quicker, decision maker. It also helped me become a better writer and communicator. Most of all, I learned what it takes to succeed in public sector organizations, and the challenges and opportunities for someone seeking to improve performance within it.

Describe your current job.

I currently co-lead a program focused on helping the UK's healthcare system (the NHS) become more effective when it comes to integrating social and medical care. I manage a team that's helping change how health care is delivered by helping local leaders work across organizational boundaries and create more seamless health care systems.