Edna Mariñelarena

MPA in Public & Nonprofit Management & Policy

Assistant Vice President
Moody’s Investors Service
Edna Mariñelarena

Please describe how your experiences at NYU Wagner prepared you for your career?

The coursework provided me with the knowledge and skills needed to work in finance. When I first started at Moody’s, I covered credit within the municipal space and I drew from government budgeting, public finance, economics and debt financing course work daily. NYU Wagner built a strong foundation from which I have been able to grow my career at Moody’s.

How did being in New York City impact your professional journey?

Being in NYC gave me access to a wider pool of opportunities. I was not locked in to only do one thing but instead could venture into a myriad of finance-related roles to choose from. The industry I am in is very competitive, but NYU Wagner’s network helped me find connections and prepared me for the interviews so that I had an edge over other candidates.

Can you tell us a bit about your job responsibilities and what your next move might be?

With Moody’s Investors Service, I am a credit analyst covering a portfolio of regulated and unregulated electric, natural gas, and water utilities across North America. Moody’s is a global company with countless opportunities to grow, and as such I plan to stay with them but continue to expand my knowledge base and seek additional opportunities that will enhance my relationship management and leadership skills.