Jane Bartman

Master of Urban Planning

Jane Bartman headshot

Can you tell us a bit about your job responsibilities?

In my role at Bloomberg Associates, I'm part of the sustainability team, leading our work to help cities decarbonize and make strides towards their net zero goals. My responsibilities involve working with city governments to develop strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and take meaningful climate action, including shaping green finance initiatives and building decarbonization programs. My day-to-day tasks can vary from helping London design and implement energy efficiency supports for small businesses, to working with Bratislava on the creation of their first-ever climate action plan, to helping Chicago understand how Inflation Reduction Act programs can help accelerate its net zero action. Across these tasks, I’m drawing on skills that I strengthened at Wagner – from data analysis to assess the effectiveness of sustainability initiatives, to client and project management to ensure that city priority initiatives are moving forward effectively. Overall, my job is dynamic and diverse, offering me the chance to make a positive impact on communities and the environment through strategic and practical actions.

Why did you choose NYU Wagner for graduate school?

I chose NYU Wagner for several reasons. I was attracted to the access to professors who are thought leaders and practitioners in their fields, who offer real-world insights into urban planning and policy. One highlight was learning from professors doing amazing work in city government in classes from Real Estate Finance to Land Use Law. Being situated in New York City itself was also a major draw for me. I saw the city as the perfect laboratory for studying urban planning in action, and how the field can play a critical role in addressing challenges from housing affordability to coastal resilience. Additionally, having a vast network of NYU alums and professionals in the city provided valuable connections and resources. Lastly, I was impressed by Wagner's commitment to policy, public service, and its hybrid approach to urban planning and policy education, which aligned well with my interests and career goals. Wagner offered a unique combination of practical experience, academic rigor, and access to opportunities that would help me succeed in my professional journey.

How did your experiences at NYU Wagner prepare you for your career?

My experiences at NYU Wagner were pivotal in preparing me for my career by providing practical experience working in city and quasi-city government roles, the opportunity to manage in-depth client engagement through the capstone program, access to a network of practitioner-professors, exposure to the diverse urban context of New York City, and an interdisciplinary curriculum that aligned with my interests in housing and environmental sustainability. All of these collectively equipped me with the skills, knowledge, and insights necessary for success in the fields of urban planning and public service.

What impact do you hope to make through your career and/or organization?

I’m focused on driving impact for cities and their residents, both in New York City and around the globe. By working with city governments and leveraging Bloomberg Associates’ unique pro bono model, I aim to contribute to creating greener, more resilient urban environments that benefit both current and future generations. My focus on decarbonization and green finance allows me to play a vital role in helping cities reduce emissions and take meaningful climate action.

How did you find your first post-NYU Wagner job?

I came into grad school wanting to sample as many roles as possible in and around city government, particularly focused on housing affordability. This exploration phase allowed me to hone my skills and identify where I could make the most significant impact. It also helped me broaden my focus beyond housing, including through my work on social resiliency projects at the Mayor’s Office of Climate and Environmental Justice and independent research on sustainable real estate development. As life often does, it took a slight turn from the path I expected at the beginning of grad school, leading me towards the sustainability realm. Ultimately, I found myself back at Bloomberg Associates, where I had previously worked before grad school, now in a new role focusing on decarbonization. The role aligned perfectly with my interests and my desire to make cities stronger and better places for their residents; it also leveraged both the hard and soft skills developed at Wagner. It's been incredibly fulfilling to be working in this capacity, and it's a testament to the value of the experiences and connections I made during my time at Wagner.

How did being in New York City impact your professional journey?

Being in New York City has played a profound role in shaping my professional journey. The city is an unparalleled laboratory for urban planning and city government innovation, allowing me to engage directly with real-world challenges and trailblazing approaches to address them. The wealth of connections and opportunities provided by NYU's alumni network and proximity to diverse industries allowed me to sample different roles and sectors, ultimately guiding me to my current role and career path. Being in a truly global city also facilitates access to international perspectives and initiatives, enriching my understanding of complex urban issues and broadening my impact beyond local boundaries. Overall, New York City's dynamic environment and resources have been instrumental in shaping my trajectory and fostering professional growth.

Credits: Interview conducted in April 2024 by Lee-Anne Andanje, an MPA-PNP 2024 student at NYU Wagner.