Jen Lau

MPA in Health Policy & Management

Jen Lau

Why did you choose Wagner for graduate school?

I chose Wagner because it gave me the flexibility to switch between part-time and full-time.  I was working full-time at The Commonwealth Fund and was able to cater my coursework to my workload.  Getting to know my classmates was an integral part of my education (and professional development); Wagner gave me an opportunity to take classes with students across the degrees and specializations--not just part-time Health students.  

How would you describe your experience as a Wagner student?

My experience at Wagner was extremely fulfilling. Working full-time and attending part-time produced synergistic benefits.  Wagner's curriculum provided a contextual framework which helped me understand the impact of health research and analysis.  Simultaneously, work provided a testing ground where I could apply what I learned in class in a real-life setting.  

What are the advantages of the Wagner alumni network?

I have maintained connections with my Health Policy and Management (HPAM) classmates, many of whom work in peer health care institutions.  I solicit advice about resumes, job opportunities, and industry challenges.  In fact, I have teamed up with a group of HPAM alumni to start Wagner's Health Alumni Affinity Group.  The goal of our group is to empower NYU Wagner Health alumni to be stronger leaders, effecting positive change in the healthcare sector.