Joyce Chiao

MPA in Public & Nonprofit Management & Policy - 2018

Founder & CEO
Joyce Chiao

Can you tell us a bit about your job responsibilities?

I currently lead InclusionLabs, which builds communities of professionals who are committed to developing their inclusive leadership skills and seeking a space to learn. Our nine-week program equips cohorts of leaders with the critical understanding of identity and DEI, the practical skills for identifying and acting upon opportunities for inclusion, and the learning community of fellow leaders that are crucial to growing and sustaining inclusive leadership practices, both in and out of the workplace. As founder and CEO, I get to work on a mix of building the program and the business. On the program side, these responsibilities include curriculum development, session facilitation, cohort community-building, and more. On the business side, I also focus on business strategy and planning, partnership development, marketing and communications, and internal operations.

How did your experiences at NYU Wagner prepare you for your career?

NYU Wagner prepared me with the tools and frameworks to think about tackling large problems in strategic ways. I apply the skills I gained through the MPA-PNP program every day, whether I am planning business finances, developing business partnership strategy, or building and managing programs. NYU Wagner also introduced me to a community of amazing social impact makers to learn alongside during and after the graduate program itself. Meeting others, who are all committed to social good but approach this work in a myriad of ways, has been instrumental in pushing my perspectives and connecting impact across a broader ecosystem of social change.

What impact do you hope to make through your career and organization?

I hope to contribute to broader social equity and justice efforts through my career. I am passionate about learning spaces that challenge each of us to consider the roles that we play in building a more just society. Central to this work is understanding the ways in which our identities and experiences can shape how we engage with the world, to better see ourselves as active players in challenging injustice. My hope is that my work, at InclusionLabs and elsewhere, focuses on building individual clarity, commitment, and ownership over the work to advance social justice.