Julian Metcalf

MPA-PNP - 2010

Senior Analyst
Harvey M. Rose Associates, LLC
Julian Metcalf

How did you find your first post-Wagner job?

I had a great call with an alumna at Moody’s Investor Service.  She told me about a new team they had created for which they were looking to add a member in San Francisco. After a few months, I was back on the West Coast working with several other Wagner alumni at Moody’s.

Describe your current job.

I wear many hats as a Senior Analyst at Harvey M. Rose Associates, a public sector management consulting firm. On one day I may do policy analysis for the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and the next day I might fly to Los Angeles to conduct a performance audit of a local government. Overall I work to bring independent and unbiased clarity to complex public sector issues.

What are the advantages of the Wagner alumni network?

There are certainly professional opportunities I’ve found from the Wagner alumni network, but there is also a great social aspect to it. Here in the San Francisco Bay Area we have a growing alumni network. They are great people, we nerd out and talk about policy, non-profits, government, or just meet up for happy hour and have fun.