Julissa Baez

MPA-PNP - 2014

Program Manager
CUNY Institute for Virtual Enterprise
Julissa Baez

How did you find your first post-Wagner job?

I worked all throughout my MPA program but I really didn’t figure out what my passion was until after the first summer at Wagner. The Composing Your Career workshop provided me with the necessary tools to land the job I really wanted.  I also took advantage of several resources at the Office of Career Services to further polish my resume, cover letter and negotiation skills. I landed the job I wanted three months before graduation.

How did your Wagner experience prepare you professionally for what you are doing today?

I took most of courses in performance evaluation and metrics management. Classes at Wagner gave me the tools necessary to lead, manage and run effective teams and programs, and prepared me to better communicate with all kinds of stakeholders from program participants to funders and evaluators. Most importantly it taught me how to be a leader who infuses the bigger mission into everyday tasks to keep teams happy and motivated, which is crucial in public service organizations.

What are the advantages of the Wagner alumni network?

I’m a member of the Recent Alumni Network and the Communications Chair for MOSAIC, the Alumni of Color Network. Wagner has alumni all over the world and it is always great when you meet alumni at business meetings and professional events.  Wagner graduates look out for each other and most alumni will be more than glad to talk about their experience and offer guidance to students and prospective students. The alumni network is by far the most valuable resource post-graduation.