Maia Hyary

MPA in Health Policy & Management

Maia Hyary


While studying at Wagner, I became passionate about food policy and wanted to find a post-graduate position that allowed me to work in that field. I had worked closely with several professors who were aware of my career goals and connected me with a fantastic research institute where I obtained a full-time job. Since graduating from Wagner, I completed a Ph.D. in. Social Policy from Brandeis University; my dissertation was titled The Influence of Household Food Insecurity and Maternal Stress on Maternal Weight and the Intergenerational Transmission of Food Insecurity. I know that my time at Wagner was critical in helping me to develop the academic skills I needed to succeed at the next level.

Describe your current job responsibilities:

I’m employed by the Research Foundation of CUNY, and through my position I serve as a consultant for the New York City Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) Workforce Institute. As a Senior Research Associate, I design and implement evaluations of Workforce Institute training programs which provide foundational and continuous learning for child welfare and juvenile justice direct service staff and supervisors. I also design assessments of newly hired Child Protective Specialists who respond directly to reports of child abuse and/or neglect.

How has being part of the NYU Wagner Alumni network impacted your career path?

The extensive network of Wagner alumni throughout New York City government has been a valuable resource for me. Wagner has a reputation for providing high quality training in policy and statistics. In my current position I work with several Wagner alumni who have been outstanding colleagues.