Michael Patullo

MPA - 2013

Associate Dean for Planning, Communications, and Faculty Affairs
Columbia University School of Law
Michael Patullo

Why did you choose NYU Wagner for graduate school?

Wagner's emphasis on the intersection between theory and practice very much appealed to me, as was the opportunity to take classes across a wide range of subject areas—from urban policy to quantitative research methods.

How would you describe your experience as an NYU Wagner student?

I had a very positive experience as a Wagner student, with perhaps the most important opportunity being the overnight retreat prior to the start of the program. I was able to begin with pre-formed relationships, as well as a preview of what to expect.

Have you found any advantages to being a part of the NYU Wagner alumni network?

In addition to the relationships I built with faculty and fellow students, I am always astonished to discover fellow Wagner graduates wherever I go. It's an amazing testament to Wagner's global reach, as well as to the versatility of the degree.

How did your experiences at NYU Wagner prepare you for your career?

Not only did I become part of an extraordinarily diverse cohort, Wagner allowed me to nurture my desire to be an expert generalist without sacrificing for depth and investigation of new topics and interests. As editor-in-chief of The Wagner Review, I was able to explore emerging research areas and gain valuable organizational leadership experience. The explicit focus on self-awareness and actualization throughout my time at Wagner, as well as the opportunity to meet high-level leaders from around the world in intimate settings, all helped me to better align my career goals with my natural instincts and dispositions.