Sasha Lalite

MPA - 2006

CEO/Principal Consultant
Meta Viable Solutions
Sasha Lalite

Can you tell us a bit about your job responsibilities?

As the Founder/CEO of Meta Viable Solutions, I offer Fractional COO consulting services as an outsourced part-time, interim or project-based basis. I am a dynamic and engaging leader, partner, and mentor who drives businesses and their people towards successful outcomes.With over 20 years in strategic operations, I help businesses during times of change, growth, and transition with a focus on sustainability, change management, scalability and profitability. Through my consulting work, I aim to improve business strategy, processes/ systems, and culture through strategic transformation. I’ve worked in multiple industries and organizational types including healthcare, pharma/biotech, small, medium, non-profit, global and Fortune 500 companies. 

Why did you choose nyu wagner and How did your experiences prepare you for your career?

I decided to go to Wagner because it was the #1 program at the time in Health Policy & Management. I was also awarded the sole fellowship award by NYU Wagner which was such an honor and surprise. NYU Wagner helped me to learn aspects of finance, health, and other areas while having an impact on the community. Dedication to community building was a large consideration. The MPA program exposed me to the business aspects of health care administration, which propelled me into loving business strategy, management and operations. The program diversified my skill set.

What impact do you hope to make through your career and/or organization?

I hope to be a positive change agent and help individuals, businesses and communities to achieve better performance. Education, strategic partnerships, mentorship and inspiration are key to building in community and organizations. I also write to inform and empower others through my career and organization. When we know better we do better. I recently co-authored a book, Striking Business Gold: Real strategies, practical advice & inspiration for the aspiring entrepreneur. This book will help business owners build, scale and profit successfully.