Starlene Sharma

MPA-PNP - 2004

Head Strategy, Partnerships and Finance
Spatial Ideas
Starlene Sharma

1. Why did you choose Wagner for graduate school?

I wanted to go to school in New York, I wanted to study for an MPA, and I wanted to attend a top Institution-- so there were two clear options. Visiting both campuses to meet students and professors made the choice clearer to me. The academics at both institutions is impressive, but at Wagner there was a focus on practical skill building and a more concrete sense of being able to make a change. 

2. How did being in New York impact your professional journey?

With ample top national and international NGOs, international development organizations and one of the best municipal governments in the world, the opportunity and exposure is phenomenal.  My personal interest was exploring the intersection between the public and private sectors.  I was able to explore this through a number of avenues inside and outside the classroom.  

3. Describe your current job.

We design technology systems to streamline government operations in poverty alleviation and economic development programs to ensure better program delivery, transparency, and government accountability.  My role includes everything from working to understand government needs to designing our business plans and processes that will drive the company into the future.