Stefanie Zelkind

MPA - 2006

Wexner Graduate Fellowship/Davidson Scholars Program


After working as a Jewish communal professional in Israel and the United States for almost a decade, I was eager to supplement my first-hand experience with academic training. The NYU Dual Degree Program afforded me the opportunity to take a deep dive into Jewish history with renowned scholars while also learning best practices of leadership and management from experts and practitioners in the nonprofit sector. Bridging this learning together through the Dual Degree Program, I was exposed to challenges and opportunities in the Jewish community and came to understand systemic issues in new ways. I appreciated that I was able to chart the course of my studies based on my primary interests and areas of growth. I found great support among the faculty and staff of the program, and treasured the opportunity to work alongside, and in partnership, with classmates who shared my commitment to improving Jewish communal life.