Yulia Marushevska

Executive Master of Public Administration-Global Policy Leaders

Independent consultant (USAID, NAKO, Ukrainian Space Agency etc.)
Yulia Marushevska

Why did you choose NYU Wagner for graduate school?

I was looking for new experiences and networks. I applied to NYU because of its long history of teaching, the multinational environment and the fact that it cooperated with such a strong European institution as the University College London.

How did being in New York City impact your professional journey?

That year in NY gave me a taste of what it feels like to have all cultures in one place. Realizing our diversity made it easier for me to find common ground with international colleagues later in my professional life. Additionally, living in such a high-paced city provided so many opportunities and things to try. But most importantly, being in New York helped me better understand my own country--being far from Ukraine gave me a broader context and understanding of what direction I have to move in next.

How did your experiences at NYU Wagner prepare you for your career?

NYU gave me knowledge that enabled me to work with highly demanding projects and a set of skills like critical thinking, crisis management and more. I gained a better understanding of the governance principles through studying various international approaches, and a better understanding of global processes like the work of IDOs, including approaches to public service and principles of its formation, all while improving my managerial skills. I also gained a great international network range I can reach out to for advice.