Yael Shy

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Public Service

Yael Shy is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Public Service of NYU’s Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service.  She is also the Senior Director of the NYU Global Spiritual Life Center, Founder and Director of MindfulNYU, and Director of the Of Many Institute for Multifaith Leadership. She is the author of the book, What Now? Meditation for Your Twenties and Beyond (Parallax, November 2017) as well as the co-author and instructor of the popular meditation course for college students, "Coming Home to Yourself." Yael is an alum of NYU CAS and Northeastern University School of Law. She has been published in the Sports Lawyers Journal, The NYU Review of Law and Social Change (with Linda G. Mills and Mary Helen Maley), the Clinical Social Work Journal (with Linda G. Mills), the Journal of Inter-religious Studies (with Yehuda Sarna) and elsewhere.

In study after study, people lying on their deathbeds overwhelmingly say they regret five things at their end of their life: 1. Not living a life of authenticity 2. Working too hard at the expense of their relationships 3. Not having the courage to express their feelings 4. Not staying in touch with friends. 5. Not letting themselves be happier. For leaders, it's not any different.  This course unpacks each of these "regrets" with readings, exercises, meditation, deep listening, skill development and leadership theory, examining historical and contemporary answers to the question of what really matters in life, and providing the space for students to grapple with the question themselves.

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