Workforce Health Programs in Africa: Lessons from the Corporate Council on Africa Network

Client: Corporate Council on Africa
Faculty: Steven Schall
Team: Catherine Burns, Elira Coja, Jordan Henner, Tania Torres
Year: 2010
The Corporate Council on Africa (CCA) is a membership organization for U.S.-based companies and organizations with commercial interests in Africa. The Capstone project involved a review of CCA corporate members' health programs for African workforces, and consisted of a literature review of global best practices in workforce health for developing countries with special attention to monitoring and evaluation, a broad survey distributed to all members, and in-depth interviews with a subset of members. Organized into a map of members' strategies and a small collection of case studies, this research will help CCA to better understand its members' current efforts in workforce health and to disseminate lessons learned during the development and implementation of some well-established programs. Additionally, CCA can use the framework and survey developed for this project in the future to update the mapping of their members' programs.