10-Year Capital Plan

New York City Department of Parks and Recreation
Kathryn Morrison and Lawrence Murray
Christopher Fredericks, Shinichiro Okamoto, Sharon Ng, Rachel Werner, Harvey Yuen

With the assistance of a Capstone team, the Parks department has begun development of a 10-year capital plan. This plan is a reflection of the department’s commitment to honor the needs of its constituents and ensure that it has the appropriate financial requirements needed to meet both departmental and public goals. The Parks Department enlisted the Capstone team to examine vision statements that were collected from the Parks Commissioners from all five boroughs. These statements were the basis for the evaluation of the facilities and requests from each community. This plan is the first attempt of the Parks Department to compare cost figures against the visions for each facility. When completed, it will guide the capital allocation of funds in order to maximize resources for the public good. Intended as a public document, the capital plan will drive conversations with elected officials and granting agencies as well as city, state, and federal agencies.