Brooklyn Community Board 2
Hayashi/ Keane/ Sargent
Jin Xiu Chen, Gwen Buckley Kilvert, Nonie Mathur , Dana Ashley Waller

Brooklyn Community Board 2 (CB2) is one of 59 geographically exclusive, independent New York City agencies that serve as the most local form of representative government. In 2004, the New York City Council passed the Downtown Brooklyn Rezoning plan, which aimed to further the growth of the area as New York City's third largest Central Business District. Brooklyn CB2 engaged a Capstone team in conducting a comprehensive needs assessment based on the impacts of the 2004 Downtown Brooklyn Rezoning plan to inform its responses to city charter-mandated budget submissions. The team analyzed existing conditions associated with five areas: public schools, parks and open space, pedestrians and transit, water and sewer capacity, and affordable housing. The team created and analyzed a survey to gather resident concerns, interviewed prominent community and city stakeholders, and produced recommendations for future neighborhood improvements to mitigate the impacts.

Capstone Year