World Bank - Independent Evaluation Group
Smoke, Paul
Karine Charlemagne, Andrew Spencer, Yana Tukvachinskaya, Bitsat Yohannes-Kassahun

The Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) of the World Bank evaluates the development effectiveness of the Bank. Climate change and disaster risk pose significant threats to development across the globe. The Capstone team created a learning product on climate risk screening for the IEG to complement the World Bank's development of reference guidelines for climate risk management. The team's work supported the IEG's activities by seeking to evaluate the climate and disaster risk screening process. The team reviewed the projects under the International Development Association portfolio and surveyed Task Team Leaders and other project managers. The team's research culminated in the development of case studies and the identification of risk assessment priorities for projects approved under the risk screening mandate in high-risk sectors.

Areas Of Impact
Capstone Year