United Nations Development Program Swaziland
Bosi, Giuliano
Ananita Varughese, Chang Liu, Monica Griffith, Karina Yevgenyevna Loktionova

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Swaziland supports the government in policy areas of poverty alleviation, the provision of equitable social services, and good governance. As a global knowledge network, UNDP advocates for sustainable human development and connects countries to experiences and resources to build better live. The Capstone team assisted UNDP, the larger United Nations Country Team, and Swaziland's government with aligning the country's national development plan and strategies with the global 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. The work included researching global best practices for sustainable development initiatives, collecting data on existing work in Swaziland related to the sustainable development goals, and identifying important gaps and challenges in planning and implementing a national development strategy. The team conducted in-depth research on sustainable development initiatives related to health and climate change, which are top priorities in the country. The team's research culminated in an advisory report that showcased a localized monitoring and evaluation framework.

Capstone Year