Ambulatory Care Unit Assessment

Long Island College Hospital
Rona Affoumado and Amy Goldman
Rachel Green, Natalya Livshitz, John Medina, Lisa Perlov, Jessica Sun, Richard Yang

Long Island College Hospital (LICH) is a 516-bed teaching hospital located just over the Brooklyn Bridge in the neighborhoods of Brooklyn Heights and Cobble Hill. The senior management at LICH charged the Capstone team with evaluating the operations of five outpatient clinics in order to determine how to simultaneously improve patient satisfaction and increase patient volume. The team observed operations at each clinic to determine patient flow and space utilization, and conducted a patient survey to assess satisfaction with services and an employee survey to assess satisfaction with the work environment. The team also assessed the surrounding community’s health needs, their perception of LICH, and their knowledge of the services available. The team analyzed the compiled data and recommended several operational changes and a marketing strategy to increase future volume, maximize current utilization, improve efficiency, increase patient and employee satisfaction, and enhance LICH's reputation in the community.