Assessing Capacity to Draw Tech Companies to the Bronx

Office of the Bronx Borough President
Michael Keane
Chuxiong Zhong, Niki Kokkinos, John McNally, Cassandra O’Hearn, Paolo Turchioe
Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. occupies an independently elected countywide office that monitors the administration of City services in the Bronx and engages in strategic planning for economic development of the borough. The Office of the Bronx Borough President enlisted a Capstone team to research capacity for accelerating the growth of the technology sector in the Bronx. The team developed and executed a survey of area residents and employees and conducted interviews with representatives of local government, economic development organizations, technology firms, and educational institutions. The team incorporated this feedback into a final report that examines opportunities to leverage existing assets and articulates a plan for fostering an environment that appeals to tech firms looking to commence or expand their operations.
Areas Of Impact
Capstone Year