Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center's Health Home

Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center
Amy Goldman, Roger Kropf
Baturalp Baserdem, Lindsay DiFazio, Tara Fujisawa, Shalini Leon Guerrero, Elaine Purcell

The main objective of the Capstone team was to facilitate the working relationships between partner organizations involved in the Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center (BL) Health Home Program. As an approved Health Home, BL sought the help of the Capstone team to achieve a better understanding of partner organizations within its Health Home provider network, in order to improve the coordination of services provided to Health Home enrollees. The Capstone team provided BL with a comprehensive literature review of Health Home State and Federal policy, as well as an in-depth case study for the Health Home model. In addition, the Capstone team interviewed BL's Health Home partner organizations and developed a comprehensive analysis for building an effective Health Home framework within the given organizational resources.