"Brooklyn Made" Certification Program

Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce
Barbara Turk
Scilla Albanese, Emmett Mehan, Jaleesa Murrell, Yusuf Siddiquee, Patrick Yacco

The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce (BCC) drives economic development throughout the borough and provides unique resources and networking opportunities for its member businesses. The BCC observed that several firms were branding themselves as "Brooklyn" businesses despite the fact that little to no production of these products occurred within the borough. The Capstone team was commissioned to develop an official certification program that producers could use to promote themselves as authentic, Brooklyn manufacturers. The team conducted in-depth qualitative interviews and surveyed businesses to better understand their sourcing, manufacturing, assembling, and marketing processes. The team then developed a points-based system to verify these elements, along with recommendations outlining steps in program implementation. Combined with research from similar programs across the country, the team produced the first in-depth, quantitative approach to urban manufacturing certification programs.