Collections Loan and Management Strategy

National Commission for Museums and Monuments, Nigeria
Jody Spiro
Lina Duran, Duane Esteves, Noureen Faizullah, Danielle Gilbert, Zachary Naidich

The National Commission for Museums and Monuments (NCMM) is a government agency charged with the care and preservation of Nigeria's cultural antiquities. Among its many responsibilities is the management of 34 national museums located throughout Nigeria. Following a series of large-scale international loans, the Director of Museums requested a Capstone team to provide recommendations for improving lending and borrowing policies. This review took the form of a gap analysis that compares current policies with internationally accepted best practices. Upon discovering that a comprehensive lending and borrowing policy should include additional material, the scope of the review was expanded to include risk management, data management and documentation, and marketing and communications. The recommendations highlighted in the final report provide a framework for the NCMM to improve current practices and ensure continued care and accessibility of its remarkable collection.