Creating a Citywide Planning Framework

NYC Office of the Public Advocate
Corey Blay
Anabel Perez, Kate Reese, Frank Stiefel
The New York City Office of the Public Advocate (OPA) is responsible for addressing numerous challenges faced by New Yorkers, including working to build a progressive agenda centered on pressing issues—particularly the feminization of poverty, creating and protecting affordable housing, and advocating for marginalized communities. The Policy Unit of OPA engaged a Capstone team to conduct a qualitative study that would inform the reform of the city planning process and include a more holistic planning approach based on true community involvement The team conducted telephone and face- to-face interviews and held focus groups with OPA’s advisory group, city officials, and NYU faculty to understand traditional challenges to comprehensive planning in NYC. Additionally, the team studied best practices from other US cities, including Los Angeles, Houston, and Seattle, to pinpoint concrete examples where citywide planning frameworks and community-based plans work collectively. The team’s research culminated in a final report and presentation that summarized the findings and subsequent recommendations.
Areas Of Impact
Capstone Year