Decentralization in Cambodia

The Asia Foundation
Paul Smoke
Caitlin Gokey, January Romero, Emilia Shapiro, Nhu Truong

Decentralization in Cambodia has been an evolving process of transitions and reforms that impact the fundamental structure and operations of government. The Asia Foundation is a nonprofit, non­governmental organization committed to supporting Asian initiatives to improve governance, law, and civil society. In support of the Foundation's work in Cambodia, the Capstone team conducted research on the most current policy initiatives for decentralization and subnational planning in order to analyze the capacity and challenges for strengthening district level government and decentralization. The Capstone team conducted fieldwork and interviewed key stakeholders including district councilors and governors, commune councilors, provincial administration staff, and representatives of civil society organizations. The team prepared a final report with recommendations intended to assist the Asia Foundation in developing further programming to pursue its mission.