Developing LGBT-Targeted Communication Strategies in African Countries

All Out Action Fund
Kathleen Apltauer
Tawanda Mitchell, Ezra Moses, Frank Pettis, Jacob Priley
All Out is a digital advocacy nonprofit that works with in-country LG ВТ groups around the world to support movements toward equality. All Out provides emergency financial, logistical, and organizational support to affected communities by utilizing resources from international donors. As All Out expands their efforts into Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, and South Africa, they engaged a Capstone team to assess the need for a comprehensive digital communications strategy. The team conducted semi-structured interviews, desk research, and modeling of successful social movements—including those for women’s rights and environmental justice. Concluding that messaging and outreach need to be based on context, technology, and local social norms, the team provided country-specific recommendations that will help All Out develop and strengthen long-term partnerships, organize and connect individuals to opportunities for local action, and create a set of tools that enable the organization to act swiftly in times of elevated need.
Areas Of Impact
Capstone Year