Developing a Smart Cities Strategic Framework and Index

Citi Ventures
Scott Taitel
Citi Ventures is the innovation and venture capital team of Citigroup, a multinational investment banking and financial services corporation. Citi Ventures employs a discovery mindset to bring forth new ideas by exploring the startup landscape and engaging in strategic investments and partnerships regardless of the lifecycle stage. Citi Ventures enlisted a Capstone team to provide a blueprint for a longterm smart city strategic framework that assesses future products and services against clear strategic goals. The framework would support the development of a preliminary smart cities index and a product or service that should be revenue generating and implementable in one to five years. The team conducted stakeholder interviews and industry research to inform their framework design. The team delivered a final report to Citi Ventures, which included a smart cities strategic framework, a business plan, five-year pro formas, an operational narrative of a proposed smart cities product, and recommendations that support the development of a smart cities index.
Areas Of Impact
Capstone Year