World Bank – South Asia Regional Unit
Smoke, Paul
Maria Francisca Benitez Beas, Julian Santiago Carrillo, Aziza Gaouda, Nasiq Khan,

Dhanbad, known as the Coal Capital of India, is one of the largest industrial towns of Jharkhand State. A proposed loan from the World Bank aims to improve the city's road network and public transport systems. The government of Jharkhand prepared the Comprehensive Mobility Plan for Dhanbad, a master urban infrastructure development project. The World Bank South Asian Regional Unit enlisted a Capstone team to review the Comprehensive Mobility Plan and associated project report containing the scope and magnitude of the proposed road improvements. The team traveled to Dhanbad where they conducted multiple site visits and interviews with key stakeholders. The team used the gathered data to identify areas for improvement and advance project goals. The team's research supported the development of innovative initiatives-such as contextual planning, multi-purpose programming, solar lighting, and other urban design solutions-that will help tackle the social and environmental challenges of implementing the Dhanbad Roads project.

Capstone Year