Evaluating the Feasibility of Diaspora Bonds in Financing Senegal’s Development

United Nations Capital Development Fund
Paul Smoke
Youngbin Kim, Zenani Orengo, Siddharth Shah
The United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) provides technical assistance to the world’s 47 least developed countries to promote financial inclusivity and improve local development finance. As identified in Agenda 2030, developing countries require innovative financing for sustainable development. UNCDF enlisted a Capstone team to investigate the feasibility of implementing the financial instrument diaspora bonds in Senegal. The team focused on assessing the feasibility of diaspora bonds in the Senegalese city Saint-Louis through the examination of investments by the Senegalese diaspora currently around the world. The team completed a literature review, a comprehensive analysis of the economic opportunities for Saint-Louis, and extensive interviews with various stakeholders in Senegal and members of the diaspora. The team’s final report provides an in-depth analysis of potential opportunities and challenges of funding local development projects in Saint-Louis through diaspora bonds.
Capstone Year