"Evaluating the Impact of the ""Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Arts, preK­12"" "

The Office of Arts and Special Projects at the New York City Department of Education
Rona Affoumado
"Darren Flusche, Amanda Kahn, Elizabeth Langsdorf, Monica Martinez, Jennifer Pick"

"The mission of the Department of Education's Office of Arts and Special Projects (OASP) is to provide New York City public school communities with information and resources that will enable every student to achieve a full education in the arts. In 2004, the OASP introduced the “Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Arts, preK­12”, the first comprehensive, multi­dimensional framework for arts education for use throughout the NYC school system. To measure the impact of the Blueprint on teachers' classroom practice, the OASP requested a Capstone team to do an evaluation. The evaluation includ­ed an online survey to arts teachers, an analysis of survey results, focus groups to identify best practices, and interviews with arts teachers who had less experience using the Blueprint. The evaluation's find­ings provided data and analysis of the Blueprint's impact on teacher practice as well as information to support future OASP initiatives. "