Examining the Effects of Public Financial Management on Service Delivery in Kenya

Overseas Development Institute
Paul Smoke
Damilola Dauda, Sabrina Taveras, Hila Yarom

The Overseas Development Institute (ODI) is an independent, global think tank that undertakes cutting-edge research and analysis to generate evidence, ideas, and solutions for a sustainable and peaceful world. ODI is conducting work to examine how public financial management affects service delivery in developing countries, and engaged the Capstone team to support its work on constructing better practices in the context of devolution reforms. The team explored the influences of the recent devolution process in Kenya on financing and management of service delivery in both the education and health sectors. The team traveled to Kenya, where it visited various facilities and interviewed multiple government officials and other stakeholders. The team also conducted an extensive literature review on key issues and challenges in education financing in Kenya. The team produced a report examining post-devolution financial management practices on the ground, highlighting lessons from the education and health sectors, and recommending areas for further investigation.

Capstone Year