Global Message Testing

Purpose Foundation, Free & Equal, UN Free and Equal Campaign
Katherine Bourne and Steven Schall
Marc Krokowski, Laura Manley, Ellen Nadeau, Kaitlin Stewart, Aayesha Vichare

The UN Free and Equal Campaign is the first global education initiative on LGBT equality, sponsored by the United Nations Office of the High Commission for Human Rights (UN OHCHR) and the Purpose Foundation. The campaign was launched in South Africa in July 2013 to raise awareness about discrimination and violence against LGBT people, and promote greater respect for LGBT rights globally. The Capstone team conducted extensive research on the current landscape of LGBT issues in countries of UN strategic and political interest. Based on findings, the team hired market research companies in India and South Africa, working with them on-site to manage the Campaign’s message testing. After analyzing focus group results, the team provided a detailed report identifying messages with the greatest potential to shift public perception on LGBT issues in the countries of focus. The Capstone team also developed a comprehensive message testing replication guide for future expansion of the Campaign.