Hematology Oncology Palliative Care Delivery Models

NYU Langone Medical Center
Susan Abramowitz
Bhakti Kanade, Stephanie Ma, Sharon Ramot, Stephanie Stadig, Harrison Wolnick

NYU Langone Medical Center (NYULMC) is a top-tier academic medical center located in New York City, and the hospital has been a member of the U.S. News and World Report hospital honor roll since 2012. NYU Langone Cancer Center is looking to improve its continuum of care between inpatient and outpatient cancer treatment. NYULMC engaged a Capstone team to design and determine the viability of a palliative care model for the Cancer Center that will reduce end-of-life spending, while simultaneously maintaining or improving the quality of care for hematology patients. The team investigated current industry trends surrounding cancer care through a literature review, analyzed internal and external industry data, and conducted interviews with administrative and clinical staff. Recommendations of various care models were presented to the client, including a gap and financial analysis to investigate the financial feasibility of implementation in the clinical setting.

Areas Of Impact