Mount Vernon Economic Development Strategy

City of Mount Vernon, NY
Michael Keane
Kathryn Del Beccaro, Tamara Fou, Tai’Asia Hutchinson, Amber Nowak, Benjamin Warshavsky

The City of Mount Vernon, NY, works to facilitate services, activities, and projects related to enhancing the physical, social, and economic life of the city. The City of Mount Vernon engaged the Capstone team to create an economic development strategy that would identify opportunities to transform the city’s economy, improve conditions for residents, and establish its regional identity. To achieve these goals, the team conducted a corridor analysis of two identified commercial/industrial areas to take inventory of existing economic, industry, and land use conditions. The project outlined strategies and recommendations that aim to encourage economic development in Mount Vernon by attracting growth industries, fostering an identity for the city within the NYC region that reflects its culture and history and supports innovation, and determines necessary infrastructure and transit improvements for long-term economic growth.

Capstone Year