Nursing Risk Assessment

New York-Presbyterian Hospital
John Donnellan
Jill Burton, Kerri Donohoe, Jodi Elkins, Kathleen Schwarz

A leader in medical education, research, and patient-centered care, New York Presbyterian Hospital (NYP) consists of six core campus sites plus several regional affiliated hospitals. Recently, NYP and five select regional hospitals agreed to change their legal status to “active parent affiliates.” With this change, NYP has greater responsibility for, and control over, the management of the regional hospital and the quality of nursing care provided. NYP engaged a Capstone team to conduct a risk assessment of each regional hospital’s processes for creating, reviewing, and implementing nursing policies and procedures. The team interviewed each regional hospital’s Chief Nursing Officer and Nursing Management team and surveyed clinical nursing staff using an electronic survey. After reviewing each regional hospital’s table of organization and policies, the team created a risk assessment grid. The team produced a final report which included examples of best practices for policy creation and review, and explored areas for integration between the core campuses and the regional hospitals.

Areas Of Impact