"Our World" Global Youth Questionnaire

Education Development Center
Jody Spiro
Caroline Chambre, Melissa Garba, Janelle Lewis, Marine Lericolais

The purpose of the “Our World” capstone project is to assist Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC) and its partners in obtaining global youth perspectives on citizenship, identity, and world peace by coordinating the administration of a global questionnaire and analysis of the results. Utilizing a questionnaire developed by the client and its partners, the Capstone team collaborated with international youth agencies to survey youth (ages 15-24) from around the globe. The Capstone team negotiated the participation of these agencies, coordinated survey translations in French, Spanish, Arabic, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and Swahili, and developed online, email, and paper based surveys. The team then conducted a statistical analysis of the survey results, providing insight into the opinions of approximately 3,000 youth. The results of the team's findings will be presented at the iEARN Youth Conference in July 2006 in the Netherlands.