Partner Training Needs Assessment

Giuliano Bosi
Caelyn Cobb, Jodi Narde, Anxhelina Prenika, Beverly Schreiber

LitWorld is a nonprofit organization that works to promote literacy and self-expression worldwide. To this end, LitWorld partners with community-based organizations in 22 countries around the world to deliver its transformational literacy programs. A Capstone team sought to identify existing gaps in current training modules and evaluate methods for delivering training to programming partners across diverse contexts. The team researched and collected data on best practices for building capacity in the areas of training, communication, and professional development found in similarly structured organizations. The team then conducted fieldwork in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, interviewing key stakeholders and observing several trainings in action. In addition, the team conducted interviews with partners in Colombia, Pakistan, Kenya, and Detroit, as well as with LitWorld staff. Based on its findings, the team provided a final report with recommendations to improve training, strengthen partners’ organizational capacity, and promote communication between and among LitWorld and its partners.