"Post Hurricane Commercial Revitalization of Biloxi, Mississippi "

Biloxi Housing Authority and Local Initiatives Support Corporation
Nhadine Leung
"Leah Flax, Samelys Lopez, Ines Saldana"

"Biloxi, MS, suffered extensive damage during hurricane Katrina in 2005. The Biloxi Housing Authority (BHA) has been spearheading revitalization and rebuilding efforts to restore the vitality and diversity that made Biloxi a great community. While many residents have returned to rebuild their homes and lives, many more are unable to come back due to a lack of housing. Rebuilding efforts in Biloxi have largely centered around workforce housing. The BHA has recognized that in order to create a vibrant and sustainable community, commercial revitalization is also necessary. The Capstone team was asked to research and analyze how best to rejuvenate Division Street, the main commercial corridor in East Biloxi. The team conducted two site visits to assess existing conditions and gather input from the community as to how they envision Division Street. Through extensive research into relevant and applicable case studies and land use assessments, the team developed a set of recommendations for spurring commercial revitalization along Division Street. "