"Revitalization Opportunities in Industrial Wallabout, Brooklyn ­An Economic Development Plan "

Myrtle Avenue Revitalization Project Local Development Corporation
Nhadine Leung
"Joy Chiu, Becky Ferguson, Russell Lang, Daria Siegel, Sherilyn Tran"

"Myrtle Avenue Revitalization Project LDC (MARP) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to restore Myrtle Avenue in the neighborhoods of Fort Greene and Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, to a bustling, economically vital neighborhood commercial corridor. MARP charged the Capstone team with creating an economic development plan for a manufacturing­zoned area known as Wallabout, located just north of Myrtle Avenue. MARP's objectives are to retain and expand the presence of light manufacturing activities in the Wallabout area, while bridging retail, commercial, and industrial activity from the Brooklyn Navy Yard to the Myrtle Avenue corridor. The Capstone team provided recommendations for the project area based on existing conditions, field observations in the form of business surveys and stakeholder interviews, manufacturing market trend analysis, relevant case studies, and real estate feasibility studies. Ultimately, the plan produced by the Capstone team will help MARP to educate constituents and other interested parties about the potential for economic growth in the Wallabout area. "