Social, Urban, Rural, and Resilience Global Practice Supporting the Global Lab on Metropolitan Strategic Planning

World Bank Group - MetroLab
Paul Smoke
Renato Berer, Jorge E. Hernandez, Alvaro Soldevila, Jamie Walker

In April 2013, the World Bank and the Regional Plan Association (RPA) of New York launched the Global Lab on Metropolitan Strategic Planning (MetroLab) in New York City. The MetroLab community of practice is part of a program of activities and services involving peer learning, virtual knowledge exchange, and high-level face-to-face workshops and consultations. MetroLab’s objective is to enable participants from different cities around the world to jointly explore solutions for shared concerns and challenges on a regular basis. The Capstone team was engaged to produce a set of materials that aid the MetroLab in facilitating a meaningful dialogue between stakeholders. Through background research, consultations with a range of stakeholders, and involvement in various events, the team targeted and produced specific learning materials for MetroLab participants on three key Metropolitan topics: public private partnerships, resiliency through infrastructure investments, and information system centers.