Strategies to Enhance the Financial Viability of Environmental Projects

National Audubon Society
John Ceffalio
Audrey Campbell, Lucia Herz, Edwin Jacobi
The National Audubon Society (Audubon) is a nonprofit environmental organization that seeks to conserve and restore natural ecosystems and wildlife for the benefit of humanity and the earth’s biological diversity. Despite growing demand for investable social and environmental enterprises, a lack of viable environmental projects that can both generate financial returns and environmental gains persists. Audubon engaged a Capstone team to develop strategic recommendations for leveraging its existing programs and generating the gains mentioned above. The team conducted in-depth research, interviews with impact investing practitioners, and an extensive analysis of Audubon’s internal programs. Based on their research, the team delivered a final report that offers a clear description of the impact investing field, preliminary steps the Audubon team should consider, and strategic recommendations on how to use impact investments to finance and scale the organization’s existing programs.
Capstone Year