Sustainable Plastic Waste Management in Ghana

United Nations Capital Development Fund
Paul Smoke
Zipporah Arthur, Una Solveig Joakimsdottir, Mark Anthony Libatique, Patrick Maury

The United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) supports sustainable development through financial and technical assistance to local governments in the world’s poorest countries. UNCDF is launching a new International Municipal Investment Fund (IMIF) that aims to support local governments in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. One of the areas UNCDF seeks to invest in is a solution for sustainable plastic waste management. As part of this new initiative, the UNCDF enlisted the Capstone team to research successful plastic waste management models and identify potential areas for high-impact investments. The team conducted fieldwork in Accra, Ghana, where it interviewed various stakeholders invested in the country’s plastic waste management. An unfinished recycling plant located in the Ada East District of southeastern Ghana emerged as an ideal target of financial support for UNCDF. The team presented their research findings in a final paper at the UNCDF headquarters in New York and the country office in Ghana.

Capstone Year