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Capstone: Advanced Research Projects in Quantitative Analysis II

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Continuation CAP-GP.3148. As part of the core curriculum of the NYU Wagner Masters program, Capstone teams spend an academic year conducting research on a pressing social question. Wagner's Capstone program provides students with a centerpiece of their graduate experience in which they are able to experience first-hand the full research experience. Under the guidance of an experienced faculty member, students will develop a research question, conduct a literature review, develop hypotheses, find relevant datasets, run analyses and write up findings. Students will also enhance key process skills including project management and teamwork.


MPA PNP students must complete the following in advance:
1. Complete all school-wide core
2. Complete PADM 2902 Multiple Regression and Intro Econometrics
3. Complete one advanced economics course from the following list: PADM 2140 Public Econ and Finance, HPAM  4830 Principles of Health Economics, URPL 2608 Urban Economics, PADM 2203 International Economic Development, or PADM 2441 Economics of Education*
4. Complete PADM 2171 Program Analysis and Evaluation*

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