How is the MS in Public Policy different from the MPA with a specialization in Policy?

The MSPP degree is a rigorous, focused, skills-oriented program geared toward students who want to pursue a career in policy analysis. The program teaches you to analyze, evaluate, communicate, and solve critical policy challenges using quantitative tools heavily rooted in economics, statistical analysis, and writing. The MSPP is an intensive one-year program and is cohort-based. Students must be enrolled full-time, and are not likely to have time for work outside of their internship.  The culminating project in the MSPP program is a Policy Analysis Studio conducted independently during the summer and linked to your internship. 
In contrast, the MPA degree is broader in focus, building on students’ prior professional experience and preparing them to lead and manage in public service organizations. You can complete the degree in two years studying full-time, or 3-4 years studying part-time. The MPA features a year-long group Capstone consulting project conducted for an outside client.