What kind of job can I expect to get upon graduation of the Wagner Health Policy and Management Program?

Wagner Health Policy and Management Program graduates obtain positions in a variety of settings.

The type of job is usually related to the area of specialization in the program. 

Management students often get operational positions in health service delivery organizations, including hospitals, insurance companies, community health centers, and other community base organizations.

Finance students typically obtain financial management or analysis positions for health care delivery organizations, government, insurers, or consulting firms.

Policy students often land in planning/policy departments of large health care delivery systems, government agencies, and research/consulting firms.

International students often take positions abroad, but a surprisingly large number take positions in international organizations based in New York or elsewhere in the U.S.

For some examples of jobs of recent graduates, click here.

The Wagner Office of Career Services is highly praised by current students and alumni for its help in career planning and counseling. The office produces "how to" guides for a variety of topics including interviewing, resume preparation, and negotiating offers (click here for examples). The Office also maintains a website listing current job openings that is available to all enrolled students, as well as Wagner alumni.