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What is the prompt for the NYU Wagner Letter of Recommendation?

Please write candidly and analytically about the applicant's qualifications and potential to carry on advanced study. Treatment of both strong and weak points will be helpful in describing such attributes as motivation, intellect, maturity, and other relevant characteristics.

If appropriate, please compare the applicant to others you have recommended or who have attended, or who are currently attending, the Wagner School. We find that specific examples are far more useful than generalizations.

Please address the following areas:

  1. How long have you known the applicant and in what capacity?
  2. What do you consider the applicant's outstanding talents?
  3. In which areas could the applicant exhibit growth or improvement?
  4. What relevant insights can you offer regarding this candidate that are not likely to be available from other sources?
  5. What observations do you have of the character and integrity of the applicant?


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